Biodiversity Credits: Creating an enabling environment to restore and protect our natural habitats

Date December 17, 2022
Time 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm EST
Venue GEF Pavilion at Biodiversity COP15, Montreal

As biodiversity credits look set to significantly scale private investment in conservation, this CPIC event will explore how the emerging demand for measurable biodiversity impacts from investors could lead to a global standard for measuring such impacts. Industry experts Akanksha Khatri from the World Economic Forum, Tracy Farrell from IUCN, John Tobin from Cornell University and Sinclair Vincent from VERRA will discuss the risks of trading biodiversity credits in the voluntary markets and principles that would avoid these risks to ensure finance delivers quantifiable impacts for nature protection and restoration.

Join us on Saturday, December 17 at 1pm EST in the GEF pavilion if you are in Montreal or via the livestream. This is an open event at the conference center and no registration is needed.

Learn more about the event here.