Biodiversity Credits Working Group session: Emerging Biodiversity Credit Market Update

Date July 5, 2023
Time 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm CET
Venue Online
Organized by CPIC

Join us on Wednesday, July 5th at 10AM ET/ 3 PM BST for the next CPIC Biodiversity Credits Working Group session, where our CPIC biodiversity credits experts, Edit Kiss (Integrity Global Partners) and Frank Hawkins (IUCN) will share a comprehensive update on the latest state of play in the emerging biodiversity credit market.

During this session, we will delve into the current landscape of the biodiversity credit market, highlighting key developments, trends, and opportunities. Our speakers will share valuable insights, offering a comprehensive overview of this rapidly evolving field. As a CPIC member, this event presents a unique opportunity to stay informed and ahead of the curve in the biodiversity conservation space.

Gain a deeper understanding of the potential benefits and challenges associated with biodiversity credits, and explore how they can contribute to sustainable practices and conservation efforts. The session is open to CPIC members only and will take place online, via Zoom.

Register to join the session here.