Collecting insights on the state of conservation finance – fill in the new CPIC survey!

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With so much happening in conservation finance and information about it mushrooming in all corners of the mediasphere, CPIC is creating a dedicated, annual report that will provide consistent updates on the state of the conservation finance market.

The report will provide insights into how much and how stakeholders are investing in nature, and what innovative solutions are out there to mobilize more private investments. Ultimately, it aims to increase the interest of the private sector in channelling funds into nature – a win-win for all.

To make this report the best possible knowledge asset on conservation finance, we need your help!

  • If you’re an investor, a private project developer or a NGO working in conservation, please fill in the survey here. We expect it to take between 10 and 15 minutes. Contact us at if you have questions or feedback on the survey.
  • Please consider sharing this survey with your partners and organizations in your network – the more answers we get, the more interesting and robust findings we can share with the conservation finance community. We’ve prepared an easy communications kit for you to share the survey – access it here.

Please get in touch with CPIC’s Coordinator South Pole at if you would like to co-fund the development and dissemination of the final report