Jun 19, 2019
The author

Natalya Skiba

CPIC semi-annual meeting on June 19 was hosted by Waternet at their offices in Amsterdam, and welcomed about 70 members, guests, and friends of the coalition, now composed of 72 member organizations. The following topics were discussed:

CPIC Conservation Finance Initiative launch, the structure and management, the process for accepting applications, and flows into achievement of science-based targets.

CPIC progress to date relative to goals, the strategy for resource mobilization including options to build on the existing financing, and members’ needs and priorities.

Panel discussion with Gautier Queru (Mirova) and Frank Hawkins (IUCN) about scaling private finance for conservation, the challenges and emerging solutions, the role of CPIC in connecting conservation finance initiatives, and ways of building relationships across public, civic, and private sectors.

Panel discussion with Working Group chairs about investment blueprints in the pipeline, the challenges and lessons learned about scaling private finance with explicit biodiversity benefits.

Panel discussion with Blueprint developers, to arrive at a deeper understanding of the mechanics of blueprint development and potential for their replication.

  • Climate-Smart Agri-Lending in Africa: Mark Ellis-Jones (F3Life) and Eelko Bronkhorst (Financial Access)
  • Textile Wastewater in Turkey: Aaron Vermeulen (WWF)
  • Nature Based Solutions market creation in Europe: Monica Altamirano (Deltares)

Open discussion with meeting participants about how CPIC can support mobilization of billions in private sector funding for conservation, what opportunities are offered by the CPIC approach, and what are the additional needs of the financial and conservation institutions.