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CPIC News Pulse – August 2021

Aug 23, 2021
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CPIC Secretariat

Rising sea levels do not follow conference timelines and declining ecosystems are certainly not waiting for international climate or biodiversity summits – neither should the conservation finance community.

As the latest report from the world’s leading climate scientists points out, the odds of holding off catastrophic levels of future warming are evaporating before our eyes. But the report does make clear that it is not too late to prevent the worst, and that every fraction of a degree counts.

Nature will be our biggest ally in tackling and adapting to the hazards of a warming world – but it needs a helping hand.

Nature-based solutions can deliver emission reductions cost-effectively at scale, and investing in the restoration and conservation of nature will protect human and planetary health in the long-term: approximately half of the world’s GDP depends on nature and its services, making the connection between thriving ecosystems and economic success abundantly clear.

With more and more investments that both produce a financial return and a measurable biodiversity benefit, the divisions between conservation, philanthropy and for-profit finance may be finally waning. By working together, we can further align financial capital flows with activities that allow our nature, commerce, and communities to flourish. We are excited to discuss this and other topics during the upcoming IUCN World Conservation Congress in Marseille.

We hope you will join us in championing this mission! Read on to find out the latest news from the conservation finance space and join us at the next CPIC semi-annual event on September 3rd.

Wishing you a nature-packed month ahead!

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