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CPIC News Pulse December 2019: How to reverse global decline of nature?

Dec 19, 2019
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CPIC Secretariat

How can we reverse the unprecedented global decline of nature, save one million species from extinction, and ensure a safe and healthy future for all?

We must start living as part of – not apart from – nature; this is the transformative change needed to reverse the damaging global trends outlined by the latest report from WWF on climate, nature, and our 1.5C future.

Nature is vulnerable, but it’s also incredibly resilient and adaptable. The sooner we address our shared climate challenges with this in mind, the sooner we transition towards a sustainable society where the human and natural worlds thrive as one.

Unfortunately, there is still a yawning gap between what is required for nature conservation globally and available funding. How we succeed in filling this gap will be determined by private investors.

So, what next? We have a few solutions up our sleeve:

We are looking to establish initiatives to scale up blended finance approaches to investing in natural capital. Together, in 2020 we will continue to strengthen the pipeline of investable deals via blueprinting and matching the knowledge and available investment capital with real opportunities on the ground, in particular in emerging markets and developing economies.

More importantly, we’re gearing up for a big year of biodiversity in 2020. Thank you for being part of this journey!

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