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CPIC News Pulse – February 2021

Feb 01, 2021
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CPIC Secretariat

Redirecting capital towards activities that protect and enhance nature is the only way we can avoid “financing ourselves into extinction”.

But avoiding a climate disaster and a global biodiversity collapse requires a whole different way of doing business. It demands the courage to take risks that many business leaders are not used to taking – and that investors are not used to rewarding. The radical transformation that our financial systems needs to undergo was made painstakingly clear in the latest review of the economics of biodiversity, commissioned by the UK Treasury.

Private sector leaders no longer doubt the inherent value of nature or the importance of managing it sustainably – a significant number are actually “very concerned” about topics such as biodiversity loss, according to a recent study by Credit Suisse and Responsible Investor. Nature conservation cannot wait whilst we fix climate change, and we cannot fix the climate without addressing the dire pace of nature and biodiversity loss.

Thankfully, there are tools and projects that investors can already look into, ones that can make a measurable difference in bridging the colossal biodiversity finance gap over the next decade. One of CPIC’s key priorities is sharing insights on and examples of these proven solutions to help scale much-needed private finance for conservation.

We hope you will join us in putting conservation finance at the top of the investor and business agenda in 2021.

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